CONCEPT -  A well insulated home design will provide insulation at all exterior interfaces with the air and the earth, surrounding the total home envelope.  When a home is well insulated it is quieter from exterior wind and weather noise, and maintains a higher thermal comfort level.  Part of the comfort derives from an improved thermal comfort provided when the exterior surfaces remain at the interior air temperature.  Continuous wall insulation provides the thermal break necessary for this improvement.

Figure 1 depicts the elements of insulation provided around the home envelope:

  • CEILING INSULATION - 12in of fibreglass batts provide R-40.  Insulation lifts in the prefabricated roof trusses insure insulation coverage all the way out to the exterior wall, cathedral ceiling rafters are made from 16in high prefabricated trusses providing the clearance for insulation,

  • EXTERIOR WALL INSULATION - Using a double wall continuous insulation approach the exterior walls provide R-30 insulation along with a thermal break,

  • FOUNDATION WALL INSULATION - R-12 polyisocyanurate rigid board panels are used for durable insulation from the backfill earth next to the foundation walls,

  • CONCRETE FLOOR INSULATION IN CRAWL SPACE - R-5 polystyrene insulation boards are used under the concrete floor in the unvented, sealed, and waterproof crawl space.

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