We think you will discover our move-in-ready horse farm offers a combination of features that, taken together, provide a unique value to the family desiring a rural life style that is close to transportation and cultural city life.  Additionally the property may especially appeal to buyers interested in independent or self reliant living.  With addition of solar electric, battery storage and a generator it would be feasible to live nearly if not entirely off the grid.

The home is of modern open design and materials used are of high quality and in good condition.  Kitchen appliances have been upgraded in matching black.  All external farm buildings are metal sided and rooved in the same high quality metal of the same colors.  The home was stick built by a family of carpenters providing quality fabrication.  The roof rafters and floor joists were prefabricated using engineered trussed design principles.  Rafters on cathedral ceilings are 16in or 20in truss designs, depending upon span, and provide ample room for 12in or ceiling insulation.


The website pictures provide a reasonably good representation of aesthetic features designed into the home, the scenic setting and how the structures are arranged on the property.  Not as easily seen are the many important energy and comfort features built into the home which have a great bearing on livability.  This overview will list and link you to more detailed discussions of these important features:

  • Passive solar assisted heating

  • Geothermal HVAC via closed loop deep well design

  • High efficiency masonry wood stove- Russian Fireplace

  • Continuous air destratification & filtration

  • Continuous wall insulation using a double wall framing design and foundation insulation

  • Total envelope insulation above and below grade

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