Geothermal heating and cooling is very efficient.   Yielding 5 units of heating or cooling for each unit of energy required for operation it can reach an efficiency of 500%.  Compare this to the most efficient fossil fuel system, natural gas, that requires 0.98 units of energy for each unit unit of heat produced for an efficiency of 98%.  Following is an depiction of geothermal system principles and a picture of the indoor unit used in this home.  The outdoor unit compises only one well lined with two U-connected lines forming a coolant heat exchange loop.

Producing just slightly more noise than a household refrigerator, the WaterFurnace® Model NDV038 is installed in a utility closet in the Den/Office.  This unit features a two stage compressor and variable speed fan in order to operate at the lowest capacity needed to satisfy the thermostat, saving energy costs.

Two buttons below are provided to send you to either the WaterFurnace® website for more info on geothermal or to the HVAC detailed design description page of this website for info on how the geothermal HVAC is integrated with other systems.

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