Passive solar assisted heating and a wood burning masonry heater are both radiant forms of energy and require movement throughout the living space.  Convection causes hotter air naturally to rise over cooler and this effect is used in the home with a large open contemporary oak staircase measuring 8 ft x 8 ft, providing 64 sqft of area for warm air to convect to the second floor.  To take advantage of hot air accumulation at the second floor ceiling a ducted destratification air handler is installed to return warmed air to the unvented and sealed crawl space below the first floor where it is revented back to the first floor rooms.

The diagram above depicts the general principle of air destratifaction.  It doesn't show the enhanced effects of passive solar heating or a masonry stove, but it does show air rising thru a stairwell to the second floor where a destratifier returns the air to the first floor.  In the design of our home two important differences are the returned air is routed under the first floor from which it is returned and before discharge into the return air plenum the air is both mechanically and electronically filtered.  The destratifier runs continually so that inside air is always filtered.

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